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Name:René d'Herblay [Aramis]
Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:Paris, France

Once a member of an elite group in the French Armed Forces, René d'Herblay had adopted the name 'Aramis' - a codename which followed him through a brief but eventful army career. The life of a soldier had seemed to suit him. Aramis had become a master of weaponry, particularly in fire arms, he was as brave as he was charming, secretive, cunning, and he had a wide knowledge of both languages and international politics. His heart, though, had not been in it. Aramis spent much of his deployment reminding those around him that this was only temporary.

When he did not renew his contract, he dropped the name of Aramis and went back to the life he had planned out for René. This involved continuing his education, which had begun with a degree in international relations. It was only a matter of time for him to get a proper law degree, but things took yet another unexpected turn. He took up the mantle of Aramis once more, working for a brief time in one of France's intelligence agencies. Here, René saw a chance to advance to something more than he'd previously allowed himself to think.

With a new assortment of acquaintances tucked away for later use, René called in favours one by one. Now he gladly calls himself Ambassador of France to Spain, a role which suits him more than soldiery ever did. And if he happens to be involved in things behind the scenes ... Well, who's to know.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

Canon: A modernized version based on The D'Artagnan Romances, inspired by events concerning Ten Years Later (particularly "The Man In The Iron Mask"). Can be taken by any point of the books if wanted, and mun is very familiar with other canons.

[Disclaimer: Aramis belongs to Dumas. Luke Evans is his own. Mun & Muse are 21+.]
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